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Simply put, interpreting is translating orally, either simultaneously or consecutively, between users of different languages. The process is described by both the words interpreting and interpretation.

An interpreter is a person who converts a thought or expression in a source language into an expression with a comparable meaning in a target language in “real time”. The interpreter’s function is to convey every semantic element (tone and register) and every intention and feeling of the message that the source-language speaker is directing to target-language recipients.

Delivering an accurate, completely understood message is of vital importance in countless situations. CJK offer interpreting services to government departments, business and individuals. We make sure that communication is smooth, clear and precise leaving no margin for errors or misinterpretation. Our interpreters are experts in language who interpret with a high degree of professionalism and ethics.

Contact CJK and benefit from first-class interpreting for:

  • Medical examinations & hospital visits
  • Court / tribunal hearings
  • Conferences & meetings
  • Legal & commercial
  • Home visits, rehabilitation
  • Business meetings & briefings
  • Preparation for overseas travel
  • Language tutors
  • Immigration
  • Cultural & recreational events
  • Phone interpreting service
  • … and more, just ask us!

Interpreting service fees will be charged by hourly rate. Please provide us with your specific information and requirements for an accurate quote. Simply email us at or use our contact page.

Make sure you understand and are understood

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