Chongqing Expat Club

CQ Expat Club

A way to make friends and get involved in Chinese communities in Chongqing, China.

Chongqing is the fourth municipality of China, after Beijing, Tianjin and Shanghai. It is a city with character – some hate it and some love it. And some people will never understand it, for it has so many contradictions and paradoxes.

Chongqing seems to be a place without rules and regulations, or as a foreigner once described it, “the Wild West of China”. Yet there is so much to explore that can certainly add excitement to your journey.

Inaugurated in 2006, the Chongqing Expat Club website has been designed for foreigners living in or going to Chongqing. Members will be able to view various information about Chongqing, including articles, photos, videos, maps, listings and so on to discover more about this special city. Meanwhile, they will be able to communicate with other expats and Chinese members for an interactive and fun experience.

CJK Translation has been actively involved in building this community website to bridge the cultural divide between Chinese and foreigners. We have provided translation, interpreting and consulting services to expats in China as well.

The Chongqing handbook below is available for free downloading and was also prepared by us.

CJK Translation

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